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  1. Keeping up with my progress here. Started off 195 pounds. Was diagnosed pre-diabetic and said heck no to that so I started a 21 day detox to clean out all the things I've allowed myself to consume and flodded my body with veggies, fruits and vitamins. After completing the full detox I decided not to reintroduce any of those toxic foods back into my system. This is the middle of week 5 for my weight loss journey and exercise build up. I've successfully done well with the food and workout 5 days a week (upper body, then cardio, then lower body, then cardio, then upper body) I want to increase my routine now to six days and have cardio everyday (alternating bike and running). This program is going to motivate me to do that. Current stats: Weight: 174 Height: 5'4" Arms:13" Legs:26" Waist:37" Bust:39" Hips:43.5" I will update every two weeks the measures and every week on weight.
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