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  1. I turned 50 this year, and have been doing all those good-for-me things that come with half a century . I have always professed to hate running, but I have come to realize that the reason I hated running was because I couldn't breathe. I quit smoking just about a year ago, and it's AMAZING how much better I feel! And I'm actually ENJOYING running...I'm out there every day, although I'm reading I shouldn't be doing that. I do take at least one full day off a week, and I'm researching an exercise program to go with the running. I started out with walking about a month ago, and then remembered the running app; I started week 3 today and ACTUALLY DID IT!!! I was really nervous about running for 3 whole minutes at a time, and it was hard, but I did it . When I started walking, my mile pace was 18:48...today it was 16:05! My goal is to do a 5K this year...might be the turtle and not the hare, but I'm ok with slow and steady. The bonus plan is I've lost 10 lbs so far (also still a long way to go with that lol). For the first time in a very long time, it feels like it's coming together for me fitness-wise...thanks C25K!!
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