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  1. I've just finished week 5 run 3 and just need a bit of reassurance. I've been logging all my runs out of interest really and I can see that although I'm running for longer periods of time, I could barely do 1 min at beginning so was v happy to do 20 minutes, my average pace and distance has not really improved since I started. This is because every time the length of run increases I have to run a little slower and then my walking is a bit slower as it takes a bit longer to recover. Is this normal? What should I expect? Also I'm not covering the suggested distances for the c25k in the running parts?
  2. I've just finished week 4 of the programme all outside runs. For the next 2 weeks the children are on school holiday and it's going to be tricky to run outside, I can use the treadmill instead. Is this going to be bad for my training and if so what can I do to mitigate this? In all honesty as we move towards summer where I am training outside is going to get harder because of the temperature do I may v well end up using the treadmill more and more.
  3. I haven't exercised for a few years, young child, and have never been a runner. I've just completed week 2 and I'm feeling a bit nervous about moving on to week 3, some of the runs double in time. I think I can do it but I would have to slow my pace. I'm already running pretty slowly. So what I want to know is should I move to week 3 and just run more slowly or repeat week 2 till I can do it at a better pace?
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