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  1. So I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice. I contacted support and restarted my phone. It seems to work if im inside on the treadmill, but when im running outside, usually after around 20 minutes it stops. And I am waiting for the next prompt and it never happens. Thats when I isually look at my phone and notice its not on.
  2. I am on week 9 day 2 and my app shut down on my 3rd run. No idea when, but my map my run sort of got me the distance I needed to go. I just took a break and dont know how long it was. Sort of bummed.hope it doesn't happen a lot...
  3. I just finished!!! Feeling like a million bucks!
  4. Congrats! I know what you mean about the dark. It gets dark at 4:30 here for the next two months. I just hit the treadmill at the gym today because I Hate the cold.
  5. Wow! Feeling invincible! Got a new pair of running shoes and it improved my time by 30 seconds on the mile. Seriously could not believe the difference a pair of shoes made. I am so confident that I will finish this. I was never really in this for the racing but I am thinking about signing up for a 5k next month. I am hooked!
  6. So my update. I just finished W6D3. I had a hard time with this one. I went on holiday and had a 5 day period with no running. If I were in the advice giving group, I would not recommend a long break during this program. I have since ran every other day. And I had to repeat week 6 completely.. But today I finally found my grove again. I found an old album I really loved on spotify and I went for it! Back to feeling amazing!
  7. I cannot believe I just ran 20 minutes!!! Okay, so it was slow, but holy smokes, no stopping! First try! Seriously, I'm a fat person. And I just did this. I am recommending this app to everyone I know.
  8. I cannot believe I did that. I don't see the same person in the mirror. I am so happy I found this app. I feel like last week running for 5 minutes was going to be way too hard. Today, I'm like, bring it on 8 minutes!
  9. I actually felt the same way when I jumped there last week. I am happy to say, I amazed myself. Give it a go!
  10. So this is weird for me, but I find that at least once a day, I think to myself I want to run everyday. I am only on week 4 of this program. I am amazed at myself, being overweight and generally unfit for the last decade. Even before that, I did not run. Like EVER. I am interested to know if anyone else is feeling especially inspired by running? Sorry if this is a little cheesey, I'm sorta embarrassed just writing it.
  11. Today was better, but I had a downhill bit. It kinda felt like cheating...I might save that one for a day my muscles hurt.
  12. I did w2d1 yesterday. I found myself really struggling for air on the last two jogging parts. I had to mouth breath to avoid lightheadedness... I hope it gets better. I expect to repeat some, I was hoping it would be later in the program...
  13. I did the 30 minutes without a crazy amount of fatigue or muscle pain. I was pretty outta breath during the running bits. But all in all, its do-able! I'm happy to start! Let's see what it's like to pick up the pace.
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