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  1. Thanks! I have thought about those, I tried a pair on once but didn't like the way they made my feet feel! Who knows, but I've been cleared and my foot still hurts but maybe when I get a new pair of shoes it will be better
  2. Hi! I'm hayley, I'm almost 18 and I'm out of shape. I have never been one for running for too long because I was born with a heart murmur which makes it hard to run for too long. Just 2 years ago I joined the track team to see if I could do it without my heart getting in the way. But a week later I got sick because of female problems and had to go on a medicine and since then I have gained 40 pounds. A week later it was spring break and I was going out of town and I ended up hurting my foot really badly (to this day my foot swells up in tennis shoes). I have attempted to workout many times but
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