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  1. Does anyone have suggestions for hydration packs for running? Preferably those within the $30-$60 range. I have seen as affordable as Camden ($20+), to Camelbak ($50+) to Nathan ($100+) but I want a reliable brand. Thoughts or experiences with hydration packs? Seems like Camelbak MAY be best for my budget but I have seen mixed reviews. Thanks guys!
  2. Thanks everyone!!! Yes, having hubby join me has been awesome. I think he just likes using coach lingo Day 2 complete. We are all going to look amazingly healthy - good luck <3
  3. Hello everyone! My husband & I just completed W1D1, and looking forward to our continued progress. I'm definitely on the heavier side, and hubby has gotten out of shape, but still more fit for compared to me. This is definitely a lifestyle change, especially after a recent doctor visit resulted in some not so pleasant news about my projected health I can do it and so can you! <3
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