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  1. Well I finally did w1d1 it was hard going hut I'm glad I did it!!! I took my dog out with me she is totally wiped as well lol bring it on day 2
  2. Thanks!!! I would love to get some awesome running shoes but money is a bit tight I do have a birthday in September though so guess what I will be looking for haha along with some new running gear!! I will update you guys with how I get on
  3. As I was leaving for work today my new sports bra arrived it is all I have been waiting for to get started on my c25k journey! I am 27, overweight and unfit so this is my attempt at getting fit again any advice for someone starting week 1 Day 1 hopefully tomorrow (weather permitting I'm in Scotland so showers are often and I don't have rain gear lol)
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