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  1. Thank you!! Starting at 3-5 sounds like a good idea, thanks for the advice..
  2. I started C25K on June 8th and finished today... I'm 62 and on June 8th I tipped the scales at 280 and today I weigh 255. I still have a long way to go but feel better about myself. I have always hated running but C25K has made it more interesting and challenging. I have read many posts from fellow runners and have found many to be an inspiration which has given me confidence. I didn't create a burning path behind me when I ran which may account to why I didn't have any do-overs. That was a goal I set for myself even though I knew if I did have a do-over the world wasn't going to end. The plan is to start C25K over and kicking my speed up a notch. I have given some thought to just go into the 10K, but I really don't have the desire to run a 10K. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!
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