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  1. I am 76 and 187lbs. I just completed week 1 day 3 and I just noticed the C25K app jumped me to week 2 day 1. There is no day 4 5 6 7?? Did I miss something????
  2. To KrazieKoochi: I also have a tender lower back condition. I put gel heel pads under the inner sole of my running shoes and wear one of those stretchy Velcro closure back supports for comfort for my lower back. It helps a lot for me.
  3. First day.... WOW! I didn't realize how out of shape I am. I have a hydration "Mule" pack strapped to my back with its sipper straw which holds my H20 and my iPad Air. Turn on Pandora on the iPad for music, then the C25K app and then all to soon the app is telling me I've completed day one. It is a good thing I did this after dark as I'm sure my jogging looked like death warmed over... I use my iPad instead of my iPhone because it is louder and I don't have to use earphones. I just serenade the neighborhood as I shuffle by.
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