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    C25K Take #2

    Hey everyone, I never really knew that these forms were here. My story begins 3 years or so ago when my daughter decided that she wanted to do a 5k for her birthday. i agreed and we started the c25k program about 3.5 months before the race. We did it everyday to fit the program to our needed schedule. I ended up losing close to 90 lbs in three months ( also eating chicken and rice). We ran the 5k and loved it. We ended up running five 5ks total in 2 years. then we kinda stopped when i moved back home. We have not ran since. I've gained all 90+ back and do not like this feeling, so we are starting it back up for take 2. Can't wait to see where it takes us this time..
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    1st time runner

    Hi. I decided to try the forum. I am excited to become a runner. I am currently at w5d2. I am so much slower than I was in week 4. I must really run at a granny pace. I have been taking my time, as that is what I read I should do, but I think I can speed walk faster. I can use advice. I have a 5k booked (my 1st) on 9/21
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    Two middle age best friends who are out of shape and needing a purpose are giving this a shot. Wish us luck!
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    Silver Pie

    1st time runner

    If you can do week 5, you are doing awesome!
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    Our goal is to complete this program and run a 5K without walking. We need to get in shape and stop hating how we look and feel.
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    The Little Engine

    Week 5, Day 3 - WTF!!!

    Thankful for the insight here. I started week 5 this week and day 3 is scary. Taking your advice and doing what I can. I was thinking there would have been a 12 or 15 minute run in there somewhere. I’m not giving up though!
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    Can I do this?

    That is where I was when I started... And I slowed my pace down to where I could talk. It was no time at all until I was doing a couple minutes. You will, too. I'm currently in week 5.
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    Just me


    I have been following the obesity code for 6 months and have lost 43 lb so far... wanted to increase exercise to ramp up losing because I have hit a bit of a plateau. I also want to start running again but after starting too quickly had an injury that delayed me... this time I will start a bit slower. I used to consistently run 35 miles per week and though it was many years ago, want to get back there.
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    Thanks! I think that’s my plan!
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    Training for October 5 K

    Have been walking the 3.2 miles each day. Now have to work on improving speed , strength and nutrition .
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    I did 2 5 Ks last year. Now, I am motivated to do another one this October , after being treated for Breast Cancer. Thought this app would help get me on track!
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    so far so good.
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    The Next Six Months

    My goals for the next six months: -Get moving more -Make healthier food choices -Be able to run for 30 minutes straight -Lose 50 lbs at least
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    Thank you!

    Tomorrow I begin my consolidation runs. Thank you so much Zenlabs for this wonderful app to start on the road to fitness. It’s not always been easy (and my target was only a week per month).....I have run almost every other day but repeated a week for a month until week 6 when I did 3 weeks then week 7 for 2 and weeks 8&9 for one week as progress to the next step seemed smaller/slightly less of a mountain to climb as stamina increased. Never would I have thought that I would run for 30 mins, to say I’m chuffed is an understatement. My next target is to speed up gradually as my pace is slow, I’m running about 4/4.8 mph instead of about 6.2 being equivalent to 5k. However I’m in my 50’s and at least a stone over the weight I’d like to be and a good bmi so I am so very happy to have completed the challenge. The fact that I’ve taken my time is down to an initial comment I read here saying “I’m repeating week X until I’m not desperate for the walk rests” so that’s what I did and it means that running has been part of my life now for 6.5 months and I look forward to the next one. Thank you for the comments I’ve read, the admissions that it was tough and the inspirational phrases, my greatest companion amongst them being: “No matter how slow you are you’re still faster than the person on the couch” Stick at it it’s so rewarding, good luck!
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    2019/2020 goals

    My goals for this year and next is to train for the Bolton 2020 iron man race. And to run the London marathon
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    Silver Pie

    Newb - Where to begin

    I used the c25k app as a trainer for maybe three months. Somewhere during that time, I got the Nike app and used them together. What I did, was let the c25k app run its course, and then I would continue walking and running, using the Nike app to track my distance and my speed - because it will keep tracking until you tell it to stop or the battery runs down. So, in essence, I turned them both on when I began my run and when I was done I turned the Nike app off and the c25k had already stopped before then.
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    Silver Pie

    Week 5, Day 3 - WTF!!!

    Good for you, PaulaClara. (thumbs_up) I'm planning to leave my four-week loop on April twenty-second. Up until now that third day of week 5, while not exactly terrifying, was definitely scary. At this point though, since my breakthrough this week, it isn't as scary, though I'm not so sure I would be able to run for a full 20 minutes. But my mindset is such that I'll give it my best shot and maybe I can do it.
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    More of a Prancercise than a jog.

    You are moving and that is what matters!!! Way to go !
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    5k in 2 months

    Yes it is ... I am now at week 9 ... Never imagined I could do this, but I ran 5k last week
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    If you Search Shin Splints on the Internet, there are lots of articles on this subject!