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    So, I’ve “run” in the past (very slowly) and have started and stopped so many times before it’s daunting at start... again. I did a full marathon In 2005 doing a run walk (12 minute pace), didn’t keep up with it. Now 15 years later and 20 pounds heavier I’m at it again. I did a half marathon last November doing a run/walk and it took me 3 hours. I did it with a bunch of old friends and we did a LOT of walking. Even “training” With a run/walk app for 9 months before the marathon I couldn’t run a couple of miles without walking. And once again, I didn’t keep up with it. I have friends my age who breeze through a quick 6 miles even if they haven’t run in 6 months and don’t run for 3 months after that. When does it get easier? Feeling defeated even before I get started. On week 2 day 2. so now, at 55 I’m starting again.....
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    Really worried. PLEASE help

    Concern about the pressure on your joints is valid. There is no shame in walking as opposed to running. Listen to your body, test your limits, but don't shame yourself for getting tired! Recovery is just as important, IF NOT MORE important, than the exercise. You can't continue each day if you get injured, so go easy on yourself. Push later, but only because you feel empowered to do so - avoid doing it out of guilt, jealousy, or spite. Your body is your greatest asset, take care of it and it will take care of you. No need to "punish" it every day. Long term results will come from feeling good about what you are doing, so please try to find additional motivation outside of the disgust you've begun to feel. This will prove to be a much stronger push for you on days when you don't feel like going. Also, walking with the kiddos and family can prove to be a great way to add more exercise each day without the added strain on your body and schedule.
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    Drum Dave

    What comes before Couch?

    Beginning my journey to recovery (long story) and my cardio is shot. Used to have stamina out the wazoo but now it's long gone. So I started Day 1 and couldn't finish. The mind is willing but the flesh is weak; my legs gave out and I couldn't get enough breath to keep going after Run 3 of 8 on today's Day 1. I've read suggestions on other threads to just run every 3rd run, or redo Day 1 over and over until I can finish it. I appreciate the intent but that's incredibly demotivating. This app is called "Couch to 5K". Does it really consider the "couch" someone who can run for a full minute, eight times? If that's "couch" is there a setting or a premium offer or another app by the same development team that'll get me from "Barely Alive to Couch"? Thanks all
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    What comes before Couch?

    In this instance the "couch" is a generalized term to reference anyone that may be leading a sedentary (not active) lifestyle to begin with. It's difficult to define what this means to different people because of the wide variety of individuals who use the app, so don't be discouraged! There are many variables to consider like age, weight, experience, and lifestyle (what you do for work). I, myself, walked exclusively for about a year before I attempted to dive into a 5k protocol. Even then, my body was greatly limited in the beginning in terms of stamina and mobility (and I'm still in my 20's). Nowadays I prefer running for cardio but have to limit the number of days I do it because of the incredible load it can put on your knee joints. If your body isn't accustomed to this stress it's best to tone it down and work your way up to it. In terms of the motivation, you could use that first day as your first goal to reach and create steps to achieve it. Try not to compare where you are now to where others are in their journey, it's simply not fair to yourself. IE: First day walk for the 30 minutes and see how you feel. Turn it up if you have the energy and wherewithal. Next day, start your walk and attempt a 30 second run. Gauge how you feel and perhaps attempt a second 30 second run, or even several 15 second runs. You'll know what's best for you based on how you feel and energy levels. The only rule of thumb is to seek progress day to day. The intent of the app is to give you an idea of where to start and steps toward progression. The start point in the app isn't necessarily your start point and that's a-okay! Gives you something to work toward in the future :)
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    Hi ive completed c25k previously a few years ago and a few kg lighter. Im about to start week 6 day 1 - I’m struggling this time to drift off mentally as I used to. I listen to music & try to distract myself with little success. Does anyone have any tips to help me drift off & enjoy the run more? cheers
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    I realized yesterday that this app does not prepare you to run 5k/3miles; it prepares you to run for 30 minutes, and it assumes a 10-minute-mile pace. That is a pace too fast for most beginners. I don't really have a question, just wanted to express my annoyance. At my current (very slow) pace, it will take me 45 minutes to run 3 miles, but the app abandons me at 30 minutes.
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    Burning legs

    Your leg muscles with get stronger as you continue with regular runs. And the burning sensation when you suddenly switch to walking is normal. I suggest to switch up running with cycling or swimming for variety. You'd get the same level of leg workouts and well, keep the exercises from getting boring. You can also read about Fartlek exercises for runners It'd hep build your endurance and strength - plus help keep running injuries at bay.
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    Find Your Inspiration Here!

    How do you keep going? I started day 1, struggled but got through it. It was hard, a lot harder than I initially thought it would be. I don't see myself being able to do 5 mins of nonstop running by week 5.
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    Tom Riddle

    Proper running technique!

    Hey ADMIN, Surely going to check your blogs but before that I've a Question;How about doing YOGA for better breathing. I mean the asanas can really leads to better breathing. What say..?
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    Can't seem to get past week 5 day 1

    Hi, I'm 68 and just finished W5D3. I was so scared last night that I couldn't fall asleep and then I just yelled at myself and decided that I will have no judgement. Just do the best I can. Well I did it. Ran the 20 minutes with no problems, so excited... I run a bit faster than a turtle but I figure that I'll work on the speed after I build up my endurance. On to W6.
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