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C25K made me a runner!

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Hello everyone,


Just wanted to share my success story...


I decided to get in shape this year because of my weight and the fact that heart disease runs in my family. My wife and I just had our first child, and it made me realize that I may not live long enough to see her down the aisle. So, I downloaded the C25K app and followed it exactly: I didn't slack or push it too hard. By Week 8, I was able to run 5K.


Now, I run five days a week and 5K is my "low" run (I don't run anything less than 5K). I'm able to run over 10K and will be running in a half marathon this December.


Anyways, I hope all of you reach your goals! My friend and co-worker just started Week 3 of the program. I can't wait until she gets to 5K so that I can run with her.

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Thanks for sharing your success!! It's always inspiring to hear of others who have found running as a passion. I was a runner and absolutely loved it until I had some heart issues four years ago. That brief experience turned into a downward spiral and I haven't been a runner for the past four years. It's SO tough getting started again, but I know I need to stop making excuses and just put one foot in front of the other. I've gained a ton of weight and it's very uncomfortable to run. I've started and stopped C25K a million times. Any suggestions on what kept you doing it? Keep it up and thanks again for sharing! :0)

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