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Why I love running on a treadmill ...

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... said no one, ever.

I hate it, but here are some advantages over road running that I try to keep in mind when I have to run on the treadmill. Please add to the list! Maybe we can all hate it a little bit less.

  • No traffic: cars, bikes and pedestrians rarely seem to interfere with my treadmill run.

  • No need to stop for intersecti

  • No need to plan out a route

  • Keeping a known, steady pace is easier

  • I've never gotten lost while running on a treadmill

  • No need to check the weather for choice of running clothes

  • No need to carry food or water

  • Surrounding noise tends to be more constant, so music/podcasts are easier to list

  • You can run any distance -- and still be right where you were when you left!

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