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Newbie greetings and what should I choose??


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Hi guys! It's AL here!

I've begun to run for 6 months. I had little knowlegde on running. I'm trying to get better at the moment!

I've a trail running challenge on March in which I have to run 50k for the first time on jungle and mountain landscape.

I've read many tips and tricks for first time jungle marathoners. However, I don't really understand about fitness tracker. Which brand I should chosse? Apple, Garmin, Fitbit,... ??? and Which type should I choose? Which modem I should use? Does you guys have any suggestion?  Thank you first!!

P.S: I would love to buy a waterproof fitness tracker one (Because I live in tropical weather country).

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Sorry guys! Is there anyone have experience on fitness tracker :(
I really need help now!
I've just read this :
"One of the most important aspects of fitness Best Fitness Tracker these days is being able to track activity levels. With the reviews in this best fitness tracker 2018 list, you’ll be able to find an activity tracker to do just that.

Knowing the amount of energy exerted can help determine which workout routines or activities give you the maximum results for your time. Other factors such as step trackers and GPS tracking capabilities add more options to evaluate your routine as well."

They are also suggest many brand... I'm so confused right now! :<

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Hi, It's me Al again.

Today when I was surfing the internet searching for a good waterproof swimmer tracker. I came up with this article: best waterproof fitness tracker

I felt it quite enough information I need. Not a kind of too much knowledge which confusing people.

THen I decided to buy a Apple watch series 2. Anyone here using it? I'm planning to run the first test with it tomorrow. wish me luck!

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