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Shin splints and 7 years later

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In 2009, I reached my goal of running a 10k in an hour and then I got shin splints training for a half marathon. It hurt and it got hot and I quit to "heal". After that injury, I started and quit over and over.  Always, I remembered how good it felt when I could easily run a ten minute mile, and those days when I would run even 1-3 minutes faster per mile, but I never reached those levels again.  Years later I learned the shin splints happen when you scale up too fast, and that half marathon was too much too soon.  Now, nearly a decade later, I am older, fatter, and slower. I am going for the same goal again, a ten minute mile.  But this time, I will make sure to progress slower, consistently,  and carefully, so that I don't quit before I give my body the chance to adapt and because it feels amazing to be a runner.

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