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Goal - Be able to run with my son

Emily Gande

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Making a very long story as short as possible here. My son (who was adopted at birth) is a runner. I used to run, many many many years ago, and now with a husband, job and two young daughters - life has just become too busy to keep up with my fitness. I want to be able to have the physical ability / stamina to run with my son, should he ever decide that he wants to meet me. That's the super short version. Of course, being generally more healthy / losing some pounds and being less of a couch potato would also be great - but those are the secondary goals. I don't want to be an embarrassment or be out of breath after a minute of running. 

Just finished Week 1 Day 2. The hardest part for me is staying with it and not allowing myself to say "Nah, don't feel like it" - and just do it. Here goes nothing!

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