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Social Media Post Request at End of Workouts on iOS C25K App

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I've reached out to Zen Labs directly on this one but so far the answers are not helpful.

At the end of a workout, I am first presented with a "Rate this App" screen, which I can easily cancel out of.

After that screen, however, I am presented with a post to social media request (i.e. tell all your friends on Facebook, Twitter and the like about your workout).  Sorry, posting about my workouts is not my style.  

I've seen plenty of other apps suggest that you post to social media for one thing or another, but it's as simple as a close or no button to get out of the request.  Unless I'm missing something, the ONLY two ways of getting out of the C25K ioS app request to post to social media is 1.) literally close the app down completely (i.e. double click then slide up to close the app), or 2.) post your workout to social media.

In this day and age, I cannot believe that a company or its application would force me to post information about myself, my workout details, or anything to social media for that matter.  Not everyone uses social media to talk about themselves, sorry.  This most definitely should not be a requirement for using the C25K in order to successfully complete a workout session.  At worst it should be an OPTION, that I can easily get out of. Please tell me that I am missing something.  The app is GREAT, don't get me wrong, I love it, but this one "feature" has got to go.

PS I have completely turned OFF location services for C25K and it works just fine.  Big time battery drain with "while app is running" or "always" permissions given, even when I'm done with the workout, especially if I forget to totally close the app down.  I can see it right on the Power section usage area on my iPhone. 


UPDATE - I have discovered that the toolbar at the base of the workout screen covers a "Done" or "Close" option for the Share to Social Media option, so I can click out of that screen at the end of a workout.  That being said, after I say no enough times, shouldn't that option stop presenting itself?  Just a thought...

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