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Oops, I'm a mess


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I started running because of college - I'm going to an equestrian school in March and I need to pass a fitness test where I run a mile in under 13 minutes. I started running back in August or September but I came up to my mom's in October to do the campus tour and ended up getting stranded there. I wasn't expecting to be gone long so I didn't bring my running pants, and I can't run comfortably in jeans so I ended up not running more than a few times for a month.


When I got back home I started over completely, week 1 day 1 and made it to week 3 but I was struggling. The runs were getting harder to do and I didn't understand why because it's the same trail I had been running before and I hadn't changed anything about my way of training. Then the temps dropped and I couldnt get enough air into my lungs on my runs so I had to skip running on days colder than 38° which really slowed my progress.



So here I am now on week 4 for the fourth time (I couldn't progress past it) and I'm realizing that I wasn't running fast enough on my trail at home so I'm running that speed now on the treadmill at mom's. And I'm struggling with 11 days until registration at my college.


Is there a way I can train myself to run a mile in under 13 minutes with the time I have left? I normally dog pretty slowly, I think 4.5mph at most. I'm currently trying to run at 5mph on the treadmill but I've noticed I'm having to stop every minute to walk. I don't know if that's because running in place (on the treadmill) is dragging on the run and my brain is psyching me out or if it's because I actually can't keep that pace. I'm a mess and 11 days is probably not enough time, but if there's anything I can do, I'm all ears!

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Nevermind! I took a GPS tracking app (for running and such) and mapped out the span of the trail in front of my house from one road to the other, which is usually how far I walk when I take my dog for a walk. From one end to the other, and then back to the entrance is a mile exactly. So I took it for a run and made it in just under 13 minutes because I didn't push myself as hard as I could have between walking. I believe I'll be able to do the test just fine when it comes to running!

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