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Muddy Mortal 5K Obstacle


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I started all of these shenanigans in September 2016. Bought my participant ticket fit the event in June 2017 and gave myself plenty of time to lose weight by eating healthy and increasing daily activity. Now I am ready to take it up a notch (as soon as I'm completely over this flu); I'm thinking I'll dive into W1D1 on Friday.


I'm in Carnation, which is practically due east of Seattle and I'm getting of an age (48 this year) where I need to get up or shut up. Happy and healthy is my goal. I figure if I can make it through a tough mudder event, I'm healthier than I was.

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I participated in a rugged maniac5k obstacle race last September. I loved it. It really refreshed my inner self. Being that it had obstacles i did not have to run a continuous 5k which u would not have been able to do at the time.

Stopping to do the obstacles acted as my rests.of course they were not true rests as I was navigating through mud pits or crawling under barbed wire or climbing walls etc.

Some obstacles I landed in the water some I did not but I have every one my all and it put a huge smile on my face and heart. I still talk about that race to strangers when they see me running or walking today or getting a veggie juice. I am already signed up to do 2 this year and trying to get a team together for 1 other. I hope you really enjoy your event. Just take your time and enjoy the moment as well as the journey.

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