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TIL: breaks are good for you


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Today I Learned: resting helps recovery!


I am definitely a preacher, not a practicer when it comes to good running habits. I work a crazy job and have a really unpredictable lifestyle.


Some days I'm home at 6.30; sometimes that's 9; very occasionally it's 11. I'm out the door by 8; but sometimes by 6. I'm also sometimes just too tired to exercise when I get home, so one of the things I love about c25k is that I can decide to run when I want to.


If it suits, I can run two days in a row and then take 3 days off etc.


BUT there is a reason you need to rest- recovery! I was an avid runner until I injured myself a year ago so I always think I know my body best.


Last week, I did wk4 in 4 days. It was really tough by the last day; I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do wk 5. I came in from work and said I wanted to run for the third day in a row and my girlfriend told me not to. She told me to just rest, get a good sleep, and stretch my legs.


So Friday, I rested. Saturday, I rested. Sunday, I did wk5d1 and it was a breeze! Easiest run I'd had in two weeks!


Tl; dr. Rest and you might find running gets easier

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