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Just finished Week 1, but...


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So I just finished Week 1 Day 3 and realized that the program is now on Week 2. I ended up just running the 3 days consecutively and feel pretty good. I'm very tempted to go ahead and start Week 2 but I'm unsure if this is a good idea. Has anyone else been doing this program everyday? Those of you who take rest days, is it hard coming back into a run day? I'm also thinking that maybe I should just repeat the Week 1 days for 2 more days, rest a day, and then start on Week 2.

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Hey, so this one is a personal thing- and a bit of a cautionary tale.


I would recommend resting at least one day, or just walking, for two reasons:

1) if you weren't active before starting C25K, you can injure yourself by doing too much too soon. Not just by tripping or something, but the slow cumulative injuries - I thought stress fractures were something that happened to other people, but last time I did these programs, I got up to running a half marathon and then broke my foot. A year later, I'm starting from the very beginning again!

2) you might burn out! If you train too much, you might get tired and then instead of a rest day, it's a rest month.


If you don't wanna break, that's cool too! Just pay attention to how you feel and remember that even if you took 2 weeks off, you lose less than 5% of your fitness. So you're better to take breaks when you're tired, than to run and hurt yourself.

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