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I finished C25K and...


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I started back in March, but stopped after a few weeks.  I resumed in May and, last week, finished 8/3.  


Yesterday, was my first 5K in the New York Road Runners Summer Classic in Fresh Meadows Park, Queens.  I quickly found a partner and we talked and kept each other focused.  I initiated some fartleks of jogging slowly, jogging faster and sprinting in 20/10/5 paces rhythm.  42:19 in 90 degree heat ain't bad.  Best of all, I sprinted across the finish line and five minutes later, felt fine.  With that I knew that the app really helped prepare me, slowly, to be able to do that.  I used the app not to attain the 5k in 30 minutes, but to be able to jog for 30 minutes without stopping.  Now, my plan is to train for speed and come in under 30 minutes within a few months.  The feeling of this 62 year old man sprinting across the finish line - golden.  Along the way, the Fitness apps bundle helped strengthen all over.  

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