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First Day! ... Again

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So I had managed to get all the way up to week 4 on this app before. Felt amazing, the pounds were coming off. But. Unfortunately, stress got in the way and I quit and gained everything back. I was about 16 at the time. Now here I am 18, severely overweight, diagnosed with moderate - severe (closer to severe) asthma and really bad allergies. This forum has also kept me going before so I'm posting again. Wish me luck guys!!

Day 1 Complete. Day 2 Here We Come!!

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I'm a senior citizen as of this week with a titanium knee replacement. My first day I I could only do 1/4 the first workout. I will need to take an ibuprofen before I try it again tomorrow. I will keep replaying day one until I can complete it. These legs have not jogged in years. I will stick with it though, or maybe the Lord will bless me with a quick and fatal heart attack lol. Staying with it!

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