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Too cold or too hot?


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This may sound like a silly question but here goes anyway......


I just started W2 and here its a little bit too cold in the morning to go out without a jackwt but once I get moving i get too hot with a jacket on and because I wear an armband for my phone its not easy to stop and take my jacket off plus I feel like it would mess with my rythme. So my question is, is it better to be a bit cold starting out but comfortable once I start moving or comfortable when I start out and hot and sweating once i'm running/walking?

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Guest aaron24j

I run without a jacket even if it is a bit chilly out (say in the morning), cause once I do my warmups, and start running, I warm up, and I'm fine.. It just really depends how comfortable you are, Whatever works for you,  Try without a jacket on and see what you think... Hope this helps!

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