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I'm a Blessed Newborn at 46!!!


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November 1, 2013 I began a new lifestyle of eating clean and circuit training, which include some HIIT of walk/run intervals.  In doing this, I discovered not only could I run (I was a smoker for years and didn't think my lungs could handle it), but I LOVED to run!  I mean seriously, I did some running in my early 20's, but knew nothing about the importance of health.  I decided to include jogging as my cardio several weeks ago, and I set a goal to run a local 5-miler next summer.  I am SO blessed to have found the 10k app.  I am totally addicted!  I run at least five days/week.  Earlier in the training, when the running was about 8 min., I did the same day twice!  Now, the 25 min. seems to be a stretch, but so far so good!  I am thankful for the posts, specifically the tips on breathing, because I was breathing from my mouth and chest!  It's taking me a while to get used to breathing from the gut, but I'm getting there.  THANK YOU, Zen Labs!!! 

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