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  1. I’m no expert and with that being said. Gain is a byproduct of hard work in training. If your going longer you doing right. Be sure to stretch and hydrate and eat the right things and your body will do as it is designed which is survive. 

  2.    I am 300lbs and 38yrs old with low testosterone and this imbalance wreaks havoc on my mind. I want to get down to 200lbs in a healthy and sustainable fashion. I don’t know what that looks like and or how long this should take but I’m up for the challenge. Someone anyone get on me when I seem laxed. I return 10/11/20

      What I plan to get out of this other than healthy weight loss and lifestyle is to be able to run a marathon. 

    GAME ON :angry:

  3.    I’m 38yrs old with low Testosterone. I’m 5’8” 300lbs I will get down to 200lbs. I will be mentally strong and disciplined enough to stay the course even when motivation dips low. 

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