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    I'm staying active with the #pedometer #activitytracker app from @zenlabsfitness! #everymomentcounts #health #fitness #happiness

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  1. I’m a 45-year-old male who decided to wake up one day and say I want to do something about myHealth so I went to the doctor and some of the things IHeard I didn’t like I had high blood pressure and when I stepped on the scale I felt very embarrassed when the lady put it to the highest number possible and it would not even outSo I was looking at 400 poundsAnd this is the highest that I have ever been I had let myself go and I had nobody to blame but myself and that was about three weeks ago since then I’ve been walkingAnd I’m not gonna lie the first time I walked I could not walk more than 15 minutes without being out of breath or some kind of pain in my body but I did not give up now I’m able to walk more than an hour I’m doing light cardio workouts  at home I’m eating very healthy and I realize that I’m eating more than what I did before I started but is very healthy choices healthy snacks healthy meals I come to a point in my life where I said to myself if I don’t do nothing now I might not make it in  five years I want to live a longer life I want to feel good about myself when I wake up I want to be able to walk outside and not be embarrassed while  everybody’s out there having fun I’m in my house because I’m ashamed this  is a choice that I made on my own and I already lost 5 poundsAnd let me tell you just those 5 pounds I feel amazing and I want to keep on keeping on I have a lot more energy I sleep better at night I don’t wake up with headaches I wake up and I want to work out more  I’ve been looking for an app like this I have read the struggles people went through  and I can relate I have read the success stories and it is very encouraging and uplifting and it shows me that I’m not alone so I wish everyone happens on there success and health in there journey 


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