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  1. Shin splints are the worst!! Ice massage helps recovery. Shin splints is an overuse injury. They are tiny tears in the muscle/tendon, and cause painful inflammation. aA first if feels like a 'good' soreness after a workout, but it doesn't dissipate it get's worse.

    The best treatment is prevention

    • Run on softer ground if possible (dirt>asphalt>sidewalk)
    • Slow down (mph),
    • Limit your mileage until your bones and tendons have toughened up
    • Stretch before and after your run
  2. A few things to keep in mind:

    • Day by day, minute by minute - please be patient with yourself, you're amazing
    • Everyone has crap days - forgive yourself when you fall short of your expectations
    • Anything is better than nothing! Run when you can, walk when you need to

    You got this!! Good luck, keep us updated :)

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