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  1. Hang tough! Those feelings are not unusual. Do you wear running glasses, dark ones?. I was the same way, and then I got dark Running glasses so no one could see my eyes. 

    Frankly, not only did that make me feel cool, but it made me ignore everyone around me. It made me feel like I could see them but they couldn’t see me. Try that

  2. Going to do it right this time. This will be my second marathon! I finished the first; however, I didn’t do as well as I would have liked.....and it was a miserable experience that burned me out on running for years afterwards.

    Mistake 1: I overtrained...

    Mistake 2: I tried to get cute during the race and strayed from my race/ nutrition plan.

    Mistake 3: Tried to run FASTER too early.... Mistake!! I thought I was MEB Keflezighi!!!

    Mistake 4: Ran for time on my first Marathon...instead of just focusing on finishing.

    This time, I will enjoy the training process, follow the body/nutrition prep recommendations, and stick to my run/walk plan. I will not run for time.....just enjoyment!

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