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    Nil reacted to Dark Vanilla in I'm a 100 lb overweight Rookie   
    Hello all I'm new to jogging and horrified. I'm 100 lbs over weight with high blood pressure. Any tips for me as I adventure into this? 
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    Nil reacted to admin in Welcome to Getting Started!   


    This forum is for everyone who is new and just getting started. Questions? Post them in this forum and get answers from our community. Need help or guidance? This is your place. Please keep in mind that this forum is for beginners. Do you remember how it was when you first started? Any contribution can go a long way. Help others and please be polite. 


    "If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else." – Booker T. Washington

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    Nil reacted to Marimar in Dream. Believe. Run.   
    Hello everyone,
    My name is Marianna and I am finally ready to make a new beginning with my life. I suffered from bulimia and I am still struggling with depression. I used to be fit and I enjoyed running, but suddenly depression came by and everything changed. Procrastination and loss of motivation led me to unknown paths. I started hating my body and I forgot how it was to appreciate life and how to be happy. Today is my first run and I cannot wait for it. I can't say that I have won this battle, but I am proud of myself and I want treat my body with respect and love. I must confess that I am feeling really weird right now, since it is the first time that I am publicly talking about this without any guilt or embarassement. I am afraid. I am afraid that I won't be able to complete the run. I am afraid that I am not strong enough. If you are reading and you are also afraid, you are not alone. Just remember that the hardest step is the one out of the front door!
    Lots of love,

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    Nil reacted to THarrell2580 in Future Soldier   
    Hey everyone. I'm shipping out for basic training February 11th and I'm using this to help me get in shape for the fitness test. 
       Currently I'm running 1 mile 4 times a week at my best time being 10:16. I need to be at 2 miles in 16:36 max. I'm shooting for a 7-8 minute mile pace and I'm hoping this app can help my achieve that. 
         Does anyone have any success stories or any advice you can give me about running?? I've never been a running and running my mile almost kills me. I stop and walk about 3 times each run. It's really discpuraging. 
       Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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