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  1. Keep going we CAN do this!!!


    I have amazed myself today and ran (ok it may be slow) for 20 minutes. However, I only covered around 1.2 miles - I did it on a treadmill - should I move on to week 6 or repeat week 5 until I can hit the 2 mile mark? I did slow my pace down so that I could finish the 20 minutes? I don't know what to concentrate on time or distance (or both...)

  2. I have just finished week 1 day 3. It turns out I can move slightly faster than I thought. Day 1 & 2 felt OK but today was hard - do I move on to week 2 and struggle or perhaps repeat week 1 again? As much as I would love to move on I DO not want to fail at this - I have been a fat 40 something for far to long and I want to hit 50 running......

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