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  1. App worked great on Friday but when I went to run this morning, the app didn't see my playlist. Other music apps able to play my tracks perfectly. Restarted the phone, and the playlist was seen but when I went to start the session, 10k trainer (paid version) crashed. When I Restarted the app again, it didn't see the playlist again.


    I installed no new apps since Friday when everything worked perfectly. Android 5.1 on a nexus 6.


    Any suggestions?

  2. I think a board for each app, or even app specific questions is a great idea! I have an issue with the "tips" in the beginning of the paid 10k and I shot a note to support but I think a community forum might benefit everyone (and ease the burden on support)

  3. After an 18 month hiatus, I'm back in the running game - this time with the 10k plan (I was running 5ks pretty regularly when I started training for a half and blew up my hamstring. Took wayyyy too much time off, and finally said enough - it's time to get back out there)


    W2, D1, and it's feels good (if by good I mean sucking wind, and wishing I never let it go this long*s*) Looking forward to pushing myself back to where I was and beyond!

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