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  1. I will try my best to keep all updated. While I am 27 years old I have never had to work out before in my life. I was just that active I didn't have to. I'm currently weighing in at around 160lbs at 5'5". My main area of concern is my abdomen and thighs.

    Today is Week 1 Day 2 and I had no problem with yesterday's challenge. I randomly take a run here and there and was trying to help encourage my brother and ran with him for preparation for the army.

  2. Hello! My son is 1 and I need to get back into shape! I have decided to start by running and having the goal of running a 5K. I had a gym membership, but due to finances of a home remodel and a child it had to go. I am trying to make this happen by running around the neighborhood and trying some workouts at home.

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