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  2. SixFiveMil

    Hi All

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to stop in and introduce myself. I was a runner about 5 years ago but I stopped. Getting started again because I signed my daughter up for Girls on the Run, and she needs a running partner for the end season 5K. Finished Week 1 Day 2 today.
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  5. josaflenya

    Burn Fat Fast

    I think non-surgical fat reduction is one of the best ways to reduce fat soon.
  6. josaflenya

    Hello from Josaf

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and glad to be a part of this forum. I hope I get some beautiful information about health here.

    Day One

    Hi! This is my first time doing a couch to 5K app. I don’t run, but I’m started today and I’m ready. I’m excited for this journey and looking for tips to help me with running for the first time. I think I ran a few times in HS, but that was 20 years ago! Lol.
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  9. Plantbased Runner


    So I've been using the C25K free app for a couple of weeks, just upgraded to the pro version, but want my data from the free version to migrate. How do you make this happen???
  10. Anidoll

    Here we go again!

    Damn!! I will make excuses when it's crappy out!! It's tough enough to run when it's "just cold" outside, let alone nasty too!! I'm also brutally out of shape, starting with the c25k, then I'll move on to 10k, and my ultimate goal for 2020? A half marathon!
  11. Anidoll

    Getting Started Again

    I haven't run in 2-3 years. Not REALLY run. I miss the feeling!! I used to run all the time! Plus I miss the body I had... Which wasnt perfect, but I loved it! I decided 2020 is the year I run again!! Maybe even run another half marathon!! Just finished a second run in 6 days (but starting fresh at w1d1) and just want to keep going!!! It's difficult because it's so cold out, but I'm determined!!
  12. helvetica

    Shoe longevity

    I'd say between 450 and 500 miles
  13. Kerrie1410


    Hi everyone I'm kerrie and I have just completed my 1st day of couch to 10k and feeling really positive now
  14. Southernrun


    delete please
  15. Locosiech

    What shoes do you wear?

    I mostly wear my Nike Zoom Pegasus on my daily workouts.
  16. helvetica


    It'll also be for the best to consult with your psychiatrist or other doctors to avoid physical or mental health issues
  17. I absolutely recommend doing some yoga, it's my number one tool for mind&muscle relaxation. It can also be used in strength training too
  18. Tomasthanes

    C25K Pro <-- --> Garmin Forerunner watch

    It's been a month with no response from ZenLabs. I'll take that as a "no" that it's not possible to view the current status on a Garmin watch while running. Seems like both a shame and an opportunity...
  19. This is a terrible oversight! We need to be able to manually enter our sessions on a treadmill. Right now I have a spreadsheet that I'm tracking it on and I don't believe that should be necessary.
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  21. Later on, you ought to hold fast to a smoother weight reduction rate. During the time spent getting more fit, it is valuable to do techniques that initiate the contractility of the skin. They are chosen exclusively, in view of the age and state of the skin. Frequently, specialists suggest lifting (radio wave or infrared) and laser equipment techniques. The entirety of the above does courses for 2-3 months. Viable for the counteraction of listing skin during weight reduction and back rub. It very well may be suggested in blend with equipment systems - this methodology gives a generally excellent outcome. Whey protein weight loss Backrub improves seepage, quickens the end of unsaturated fats, which are shaped after the breakdown of progressively complex fats, invigorates the progression of blood vessel blood to the subcutaneous tissue, shallow muscles and, indeed, to the skin. Another issue that can be experienced when getting thinner is the development of striae on the skin. Regardless of whether you experience this issue or not depends, as a matter of first importance, on hereditary qualities, however, the state of the skin can likewise decide the presence of stretch imprints. Versatile, well-saturated skin opposes extending all the more adequately, which implies it is less inclined to extend marks. For the avoidance of striae, all methodology that improves blood dissemination in the skin is helpful - stripping, knead with a hard washcloth, differentiate shower. For the arrangement of new skin cells, the body needs basic components ─ most importantly, proteins and omega-3 unsaturated fats (their best source is fish and/or slender poultry meat). In this manner, to keep up skin tone during the eating routine, you should hold fast to the fundamental principles of good nutrition! The most basic illness going with consumes fewer calories. What's more, it's not the measure of starches devoured, which, as we probably are aware, is liable for our disposition, yet at last. As indicated by an examination by British researchers distributed in the diary PLOS One, individuals who have been abstaining from excessive food intake for at least four years are more inclined to melancholy than the individuals who get in shape in cycles.
  22. CarrieJ

    Day 1 Bam!

    Hello! I am Carrie and starting my new fitness lifestyle make over. I will be 50 in 4 years and have a goal of Fit Fifty....to be in the best shape of my life! I am very overweight and can't keep sitting around waiting for a fairy godmother to come poof the weight away. So today I did it. I turned off my voice of doubt. I turned off my voice of self consciousness and fear. Today I did Day 1 of C25k! I jogged every single interval. It wasn't fast and it wasn't pretty, but it was amazing!! I used the FitBit supported app, which unfortunately doesn't link to the C25k app but I think may start using the app and just repeat day 1.
  23. Sariliz

    Hi I’m Sara

    Hiya! I’m sara and I’m new to this forum. 26 nurse puppy mom. I’ve been using the apps for a minute but just now coming over here. I started the c25k and got a few weeks in before I started getting severe knee pain. I’ve gone through physical therapy and I’m anxious to get back to the running, but I’m also mildly nervous. But in the mean time, I’ve started doing to 5x5 strength training. And when I say I’ve started, I mean my first workout was yesterday. But it was fun. anyway my main goal here is to get into better shape and get healthier. Losing weight will hopefully be a great side effect to the first two things. But that’s basically me in a nutshell.
  24. Sariliz

    5x5 help

    Hiya! I apologize in advance if this has been asked before. I did search and couldn’t find anything. Most posts seem to be about running. Which I’ll get back to eventually. But the 5x5 app mentioned that you can change the weights on your exercises if necessary. If I’m reading it correctly. How do you do that? Is it just the beginning/where it says recalculate or are you able to change the weights for individual workouts. Thanks!
  25. Mickwwfc

    Back on it

    Start tomorrow C25K done it about 8 years ago ended up running 10k in 52 miniutes after few months of training 57 now heart attack behind me let's get the joggle on
  26. Crabapple

    How To Avoid Shin Splints?

    You posted in the wrong forum for your topic. There's an Injuries forum for this. And even if you're selling Max running shoes, it's probably okay to post useful articles from it, but why did you post the same thing in two forums (neither of which were in the Injuries forum)?
  27. My post above was to women because women seem to be targeted most of the time, but the same rule applies to men. And if you are a teenager or a child, be even more careful because some dangerous people on the internet pretend to be women or teenagers or even children to their chosen target. Never give out where you live, your phone number, your real name, or other information. We don't need another missing teenager or child, and you don't need the potential nightmare a stalker or scammer can give you.
  28. If any woman on this forum gets a message out of the blue from someone they have never interacted with, be very careful. Look to see if they have posted in any of the forums. Look to see how long they've been a member. A genuine, honest member will not pm someone they have never interacted with on the forum, especially not after being a member for only 6 hours. A genuine member will ask how to use the app or how to do the program in one of the forums instead of asking you, and their question will be specific, and not something that makes zero sense. And if such a person asks you where you live or asks for any other personal information, report that message immediately. And ignore any messages that attempt to produce guilt if you call them out on their behavior. There appears to be such a person on this forum and my concern is that I am not their only target - and that one of their targets will give out private information with dangerous results. Be safe. Be smart.
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