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Breathing issues

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Just wondering if there is anyone else out their running with breathing issues?


I am currently waiting on a specialist appointment to find out why I am getting breathless.  My doctor is happy for me to keep running but I am getting frustrated at how much I am now struggling and was wondering if anyone else felt like this and if there is any advice to help me keep going while I wait to get an answer.



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I read on a running forum the recommendation to breathe in for three steps and out over two steps:  in-in-in-out-out


I always run outside and with my own music playing, but I find focusing on this breathing rhythm helps enormously.  It means the first breath in coincides with the left and right footfall alternately, and it evens out the stress on the legs and feet.

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I have the same problem. When I was 30 years younger and fit, running 5 miles a day I was breathing hard too   Years of sitting behind a desk, weight gain and getting back into running with c25k it seems worse. I run on the track at the Y where it is level, a little springy, and climate controlled helps a lot. I also find that distracting myself takes my mind off it. Listening to music, counting rhythms, just musing, I don’t notice the difficulty breathing as much, even though my pace doesn’t change. I am on week 8, just finished day 1, and I am 5 minutes in and feeling like I can’t make it. By minute 15 I am distracted and am contemplating running and extra 5 minutes. As soon as I focus, though, I start noticing the heavy breathing, and struggle at the end. Being distracted is probably not good for improving time, or if your out in a less controlled environment, but it gets me through my runs. 

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