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Completely Lost.... Help?

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im completely new to all of this, I've never run before and I'm a total junk food fanatic. I was just wondering if anybody had a basic food plan I could start using ?? Something to where I'm not just guessing. I'm so lost and confused on what would be good to eat and what would be bad to eat. And I don't want to stick to my regular diet of crappy food, I don't think that'll help me at all.

Any help you guys can give me would be wonderful.

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Hi Breanna,


Well, first, congrats for being here. You can do it girl.


Second, I might have something on my computer I can send you. But also look online and I am sure there are lots out there for you to follow. If you can't find anything, I can look when I get back this afternoon. Let me know please. Good luck.

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Welcome BreannaRowe! You've come to the right place for sure! I can recommend a couple of places for you to start. My Fitness Pal is a great app to help you track what you eat (calories and everything), AND they even have a newsletter they send out occasionally about healthy eating tips.  http://www.myfitnesspal.com/  Lots of us are users on this app, so look for the My Fitness Pal post in these forums and feel free to add any/all of us as buddies.  

Another great resource I've found is the Beachbody Blog. You don't have to be a Beachbody customer to follow it, and they've always got great tips on eating healthy, including yummy recipes :)http://www.beachbody.com/beachbodyblog/  (Disclaimer: I happen to be a Beachbody coach but this link in NO WAY links to me at all. This is their generic website.) You can search for all kinds of cool stuff in here.  Good luck to you and please keep us posted and feel free to ask any questions you have as you go.  


Lastly, start out slow, and don't beat yourself up if that mini Snickers won't stop calling your name and you give in every now and then.  I think it's awesome that you are committed to starting a healthier lifestyle, and you will definitely succeed if you remember WHY you're doing it.  Also, remember it's for the long term and little mistakes or bad decisions along the way are completely normal! We are human after all :) OH! And reward yourself for each "win" - whether it's a lower number on the scale, looser clothes, finishing Day 1, or just saying no to that cookie in the lunch room.

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Guest TrishE

Hi BreannaRowe! Congrats on even starting your journey that's a huge step! When I first started it was very hard for me to follow a premade diet plan. A friend of mine gave me some great advice for a first step. Switch out bad snacks for fruit and veggies first. Drink lots of water, no soda. Meals are harder but a great defaults are grilled chicken brown rice, eggs or egg whites and salad. You may be eating repeat meals for a little bit until you are comfy enough to get creative but this helped me the first couple months.

Keep an eye on your sugars and salts!

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