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Best Workouts to Help Strengthen Your Core

Tom Riddle

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Besides being located at the centermost region of your body, there is another reason why your core is called by that name. The muscles that make up your core are responsible for distributing energy, weight, and movement throughout your upper and lower torsos. Your core also ensures that the other muscle groups in your body cooperate with one another during exertion. Without it, you lack the support structure needed to give you balance, flexibility, and the strength needed to carry your body weight.

Outside of serving as a foundation, the core is also responsible for making sure certain bodily functions continue to work normally. That means your core muscles help with blood circulation, digestion, etc. They also make sure that your organs stay in place when you are moving. It can be easy to take for granted how your body moves exactly how you want it to without pain or inconvenience. Making sure that your core is well-built can make all the difference as you do physical tasks in your daily life.

The core is included in most fitness programs since you need to evenly bulk up all the muscles in your body. However, there are times you may want to focus your attention on just your core. A popular reason for working on your core is to get firm and impressive looking abs. Besides showing off how muscular you are, it is proof that you put in a lot of effort to get your body in shape.

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Guest Arten2100

Wall bars leg raises are the primary exercise for the abdominal muscles in gymnastics. By doing only them, you become able to perform all other exercises for the core, therefore making them unnecessary.

The Power of Leg Raises on Wall Bars | 10 Reps

Wall Bars Leg Raises: Accessory Exercises | 11 Reps

Leg Raises on Wall Bars: Tips and Techniques | 12 Reps



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