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Trying to be consistent in Virginia


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Hi! I am 36 and I have run off and on since I was a teenager. More off than on! My supervisor at work told me about the C25K app and I downloaded it last week. I have done the first two days of week 1 so far this week. My plan is to do day 3 in the morning. I really prefer to workout with a buddy (don't we all) and I really struggle to work out on my own. I am trying to do this program more independently because it is pretty much impossible to find someone to work out/jog with 3-4 times per week which is how often I am trying to exercise. It is just not realistic to only workout with a friend so I am trying to get in the habit of running on my own as much as I can. I am confident as I focus on my goal that I will be successful. I am excited to have found the app and this forum. I hope it will give me some extra support! Shoutout to Virginia! I have lived in this state for seven years now and I love it here!




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Ash, I was never a runner, but finally decided I needed something to get in shape. This is the avenue I went as we have a 5K at my national convention earch year, and seemed like a goal I could set. I was not ready for the 5K at my convention in June, but I started training hard after. I'm into Week 7 now, and run my first 5K in two weeks. I'm very excited. If you've ever thought about getting a dog, they can be a great workout partner. Ours starts going nuts when my alarm goes off in the morning, because she knows it's time to run! I'm also from Maryland, so keep working hard, fellow Mid-Atlantic resident!

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I have been a resident of Virginia for the entirety of my 36 years and I agree that this is an awesome place to be!  I am in the mountains near Tennessee and North Carolina which automatically makes running a challenge since it's impossible to find a level road to run on LOL!  I, too, was looking for a workout partner but to be honest I've come to really enjoy my time alone.  Some days I listen to music, some days I enjoy the peace and quiet of just my thoughts and the rhythmic sound of my feet hitting the ground whether it be pavement or a leaf covered trail through the woods behind my house. It's wonderful to have a running buddy to help you stay motivated but don't discount the importance of quiet self reflection :)  I am just starting out myself and we can both do this!

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