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Running with a German Shepherd!! Best motivation!!

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Ok, Im at the end of week 2, and altho im doing week 2 again im pleased with my progress.


Reason for starting week 2 again. I went out with full intention yesterday with my dog, to walk for abit first, follow run app, then walk the rest of the circuit home. Unfortunatly my phone crashed then i couldnt get app to work efficiently, so instead i ran as much as i could in longer bursts. Dont know how long or how far tho.


Got app working again and today did W2D3 during my dog walk. Which my dog LOVED!!! Shes the best motivation ever, she ran perfect to my side and everytime we slowed to walk i got barked at and jumped round. Haha shes so funny!

Cant wait to be able to run further with her!!

She does of course come with some disadvantages, like stopping to toilet, altho she timed it perfect "begin cooldown" she stopped!! Haha


But as we kinda didnt complete yesterdays, i wanna make sure im ready for W3 so think its best to do W2 again.

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