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Guest Na'amah

Never Give Up. Never Surrender.

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Guest Na'amah

I thought I didn't know the meaning of these words. I've started forcing myself to Own my life. That means taking ownership of it. That means admitting that I've been living half a life because my body never came first for me. I loved food and cigarettes more. I loved stress more. I loved whining that the world was always going to drop a house on me more. I was never inwardly driven, rather I blamed my failures on the world. But after the year I've had, death, divorce, heartbreak, losing my family, I have learned the Strangest Secret in the World.


We Become What We Think About.


It has caused me to change my thoughts. Consequently, I decided to do something I've never ever wanted to do: Run.

So here I am. 2nd week. Trying to stifle the fear of this app getting harder. But deep down I know it's really fear of getting it right; fear of accomplishing success and proving that I can because that means I'm powerful and I AM responsible for my own life.


I will Own my Own life. I will.


I think this is a good place to begin.

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