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Running on treadmills is perfectly acceptable

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I really don't like people who look down on others for running on treadmills - running is running, and you can still be a "real runner" if you mostly use them

Even though I prefer running outside, my area has been stupidly humid and hot lately (we're on heat advisory for the next few days), and since I don't want to wait until 9 PM to actually go run (or wake up at 5 AM), I've been hitting the treadmills at my gym in the afternoons. Is it ideal? No. Am I st Appvn ill able to get my workouts in? Absolutely

  SHAREitThere's nothing wrong with using treadmills, especially if they're your only option. Of course it's better to run outside, but if you're more comfortable on a treadmill and you're still reaching your goals, who is anyone to judge?

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