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Mapping my route

Guest Olive

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Not sure what apps have that feature. I just use one of the online sites for maps (just search on the net for maps and directions) and check the roundtrip option. I know where I start from, and when I hit halfway through my minutes I just make a note of the address of where I'm at, turn around, and head back to where I started from. Hope that helps.



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Hi Olive, 


These apps do not actually show far you are running.  Hope its a new feature one day!    But in the meantime, I use MapMyFitness or MapMyRun or runkeeper as an app that runs in the background while you run.


Start the Fitness app you chose, then start your music app, then c25k app,  I usually turn the volume off on the Running one as you will get 2 Coaches telling you what to do, LOL.  The Volume is on on the c25k one. 


Anyways, hope this helps you!  Let me know.  HUGS!

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