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Menopause weight problems

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Hi I’m 51 have menopause or peri symptoms - I was always a yoyo dieter from 1988-2018

i ended up in summer  2020 losing 100lbs and then I got 2 utis and a kidney infection plus a viral infection I regained a few Lbs and since then the weightloss is +19lbs and slow to come off.

I run 3-4 times a week walk loads can’t di are getting training as I’ve a risk of hemoraghing 


I count calories and do WW 


I know it’s my age and symptoms but it’s frustrating I’m strict but lose so so slowly 


I can’t do keto as ibs and High fat for me don’t go.


anyone have any tips to get the fat gone I’ve 30lbs left to lose


me then and now 


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Guest Michele

Wow! I’m 51 drink tons of water walk ride my exercise bike but not enough and have struggled with my weight all my life but can’t lose it as easy anymore I need to eat a strict diet I know that but age does make a difference tell me what you eat and your exercise plan I need to lose 100 pounds I lost 60 6yrs ago and kept it off up until about a little over a year ago I have now gained 45 back have lost 15 of the 45 in the last 6 months or so I was 319 was my highest 260 I was 5 yrs ago now I’m 306 so tell me your secret I know what I need to eat breakfast I do low fat yogurt vanilla with pineapple and walnuts or granola on it pineapple is a metabolism booster but what exercises did you do for your mid section? Frustrating I just want to give up but I’m guessing I need to cut my portions majorly and I eat mostly healthy already so I need some tips from you? I’m 5’9 in height so my normal weight should be anywhere from like 135 to like 160 but I think I would be to skinny. 

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Guest Michele

I’m curious what the symptoms for kidney infection I have been having right side back pain right below my rib cage but above my lower abdomin and it doesn’t feel like back pain and it’s not all the time the back pain and sometimes I feel like I have to pee but go to the bathroom but not much comes out, I have had bacterial infections before but antibiotics took that away

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