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Starting, and starting, and stating....


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So, I’ve “run” in the past (very slowly) and have started and stopped so many times before it’s daunting at start... again.

I did a full marathon In 2005 doing a run walk (12 minute pace), didn’t keep up with it.
Now 15 years later and 20 pounds heavier I’m at it again.  I did a half marathon last November doing a run/walk and it took me 3 hours. I did it with a bunch of old friends and we did a LOT of walking.  Even “training” With a run/walk app for 9 months before the marathon I couldn’t run a couple of miles without walking. And once again, I didn’t keep up with it. 

I have friends my age who breeze through a quick 6 miles even if they haven’t run in 6 months and don’t run for 3 months after that.  When does it get easier? 
Feeling defeated even before I get started.  On week 2 day 2.

so now, at 55 I’m starting again.....

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I’m 42 and hadn’t done anything exercise wise since stopping playing football at 35. I put on around 10kg in that time and decided it was time to get back on the horse.

I have completed my second run of 25 minutes gradually building up through several phases. Everyone is different but some things I do that I think has help and sorry if telling you to suck lemons...

Start at the very beginning and complete per instruction working through each phase. 

I take at least 1 day to recover but no more than 3 days.

The 1st of 3 runs I go slow because completing them and progressing is my aim, not the time I do it in. 

I listen to music and choose with a rhythm that matches my pace. 

Breath consistent throughout. I breath in = 4 steps and breath out = 4 steps.

Minimal body movement / bounce.l because it uses energy.

Hope some of this is of some help. 

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I’m making another start at running. Tried starting this spring and one knee decided it would have none of it. Knee is finally back to feeling ok so trying again. I wanted to do a 5k this summer but would settle with making it through a C25K cycle. I’m 52 and overall in ok shape. Most of my exercise has been lifting. Never really cared for running. I did it in the military because I had to but have been retired for 14 years. Really want to embrace running and make it a habit. Wish me luck.

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Hi Friends

I am 55 years old and about the same overweight, haha!!

I love gardening, dogs, and reading. I too was once a runner, but many years have gone by where I let my body go. 
I have completed up to week 4, but I’m struggling on week 5. Do you think my weight is the problem?  My legs hurt. I don’t know if I pulled a muscle from weeding my garden, but the muscle below my butt on the left leg hurts only when I run. Any stretches or advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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