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Rest days


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Hi! For the sake of not trying to sound annoying, I’ll preface by saying I’m only on week 3 so the workouts haven’t gotten too hard yet. However, I was wondering how you all take your rest days and deal with the urge to go run and “beat” each challenge. Gotta admit, I did week 2 each day back to back. I know it would be healthiest and smartest to do a run every other day, but it’s a struggle!! I just wanna see improvement fast, but I know patience is key. Any tips for what to do on a rest day and still feel productive?

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I do recommend rest days because running is a high impact exercise. If you want to continue increasing your stamina without the added strain on your joints I would recommend active rest like walking and hiking, or other cardio machines like stair climber or elliptical. Enjoy the summer with some sports and outdoor games, or increase your agility by moving your body in a way other than the typical forward/backward motion. Staying active is key, don't be afraid to get creative! 

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