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Forum safety. Very important! Please read.


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If any woman on this forum gets a message out of the blue from someone they have never interacted with, be very careful. Look to see if they have posted in any of the forums. Look to see how long they've been a member. A genuine, honest member will not pm someone they have never interacted with on the forum, especially not after being a member for only 6 hours. A genuine member will ask how to use the app or how to do the program in one of the forums instead of asking you, and their question will be specific, and not something that makes zero sense.

And if such a person asks you where you live or asks for any other personal information, report that message immediately. And ignore any messages that attempt to produce guilt if you call them out on their behavior. There appears to be such a person on this forum and my concern is that I am not their only target - and that one of their targets will give out private information with dangerous results.

Be safe. Be smart.

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My post above was to women because women seem to be targeted most of the time, but the same rule applies to men.

And if you are a teenager or a child, be even more careful because some dangerous people on the internet pretend to be women or teenagers or even children to their chosen target. Never give out where you live, your phone number, your real name, or other information. We don't need another missing teenager or child, and you don't need the potential nightmare a stalker or scammer can give you.

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