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Hi there, my name is Kim and just exploring this app for the first time. I am Turning 50 this heat and very new to running and exercising.  I am on a weight-loss journey for several reasons: age, health, and getting married in August. I have really bad knees, ankles and major back issues. I’ve had surgery on my ankles and November 2017 surgery on my back for bulging and herniated disc’s. I started working out with a trainer about four weeks ago, and all of my friends seem to run and 5K and 10K runs. There is a local run that is really popular where I live coming up in April. They have a 3K and a 10 K and I’ve decided that I’m going to run in the 3K as my first race. I have been reading over a lot of the information here and it’s all great. I do have one question:

I have a hard time running outdoors as it really Jack’s up my back and my knees. Following the running structure on this app, can I alternate running indoors on a treadmill and outdoors? Or is this app meant to be for running outdoors?

Thank you and I look forward to achieving this goal.



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I think as long as you're running it doesn't matter. The biggest thing is building the endurance and your muscles, and you'll be working them whether on the treadmill or outside. If your plan is to run a race, I would suggest once a week or once every two weeks, you do one of the days outside, as it will be different, and you don't want your body to be in complete shock when you try to run the actual race. Good luck!

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