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Hi everyone. I’ve been using the app for awhile but finally decided to join in the forums. 
When I got the app, it was a halfhearted idea to improve my fitness. 
I hated running. It was like torture and I felt like I was dying after jogging 30 seconds. 
I gave up, tried again, gave up and then something unexpected happened.. I got to 50 seconds before dying lol and then a minute so I thought I would see what happens if I stay consistent. 
I got to week 4 and I could actually jog 3mins and I felt stronger and proud of myself and found that I was enjoying running (now that shocked me. I totally didn’t expect that to happen). 
Shortly after all this, I somehow sprained my ankle. I really have no clue how I did it but it wasn’t running and I couldn’t run for months. And it was the medial side of the ankle not the lateral which is more common and quicker to heal  

Its been 6 months and I still get twinges but I had to start back at week 2 and I’ve made it back to week 4. 
I am 52 in NC. Mom of a college student. 

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Loren, glad to hear you are overcoming the ankle injury. A few years ago, when I really was using the app a lot I actually built up to a 10k, the first and only one I was able to accomplish. It was an incredible feeling. Unfortunately, I hurt my knee on my last warm-up run for the race. I still did it, but I was out for a few months, and struggled (for the past few years) to trust it and get back to a regular running routine. I'm restarting now, just finished week 1, and I'm aiming for a few 5Ks next year, if I can. I went to school in NC (UNC Charlotte) and lived there for a few years after (now live in MD) what part of the start are you in?

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