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Drive to 55!


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Hello. I am new to the app and had vaguely been training for a 5K since about May. I have decided to restart and work on my form and I’m using this app. I have completed week three. My goal is to run an entire 5K by my 55th birthday in August. I have completed some and have usually improved my time except the last time out. I missed it by a minute. My next one is the turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning and then I plan to do another one on December 14 as I try to do one a month.

I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which is quite hilly but luckily there are quite a few events held on what they call the North Shore which is mostly flat. I did run one spontaneously on the Fourth of July and since I was not familiar with the town, I did not realize that particular part of the city is very hilly. I finished dead last but everybody was still cheering me on.

I love having the support of the running community behind me as well as friends and family. I am determined to reach this goal as it will prove to me that I can reach any goal I set my mind to. I am older and overweight but I still think I can do it.

I moved to the Pittsburgh area from San Diego about a year ago and have since decided to make some changes in my life. Some people will be shocked when I finish my goal but that’s part of my purpose too.  I am also doing it to motivate my kids are 19 and 22.

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Sarah, great job in continuing, and I love the attitude "I am determined to reach this goal as it will prove to me that I can reach any goal I set my mind to." I have been on and off again with the program, and hoping to be back to running a few 5Ks in 2020, starting on New Year's Day. Best of luck!

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