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5K on St. Patrick’s Day 2019

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This weekend I’m participating in a 5K/Guinness World Record Kilt Run. I’m excited and nervous too! I need some good vibes my way! My goal is to finish ahead of my 5K I was in this past Thanksgiving. 

I won’t “run” the whole thing but I sure hope to finish with some good stretches of running. Please! Send those positive vibes my way 

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15 minutes ago, owl said:

Good Luck!  You can do this.  I really like the idea of a back back for layers. Or, my cousin the marathon runner says, "wear old clothes as outer layers and don't worry about getting them back."  

I read the last part and just started cracking up! I can just see me stripping off layers as I near the finish LOL

I decided on a thin base layer, long sleeve t shirt and my north face. Bottoms are my leggings. And kilt of course lol 

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What a fun time this was! So my plan was to improve on my time from my first 5K on Thanksgiving 2018. That one I finished according to my bib time 1:00:08.74  (19:24/M). Today I finished 52:59.8  (17:05/M) I would say that was a pretty good job. I'll count it as a success. I also started my fitbit tracker about 18 seconds before I actually crossed the starting line. My tracker had me completing the race at 54:49 (I had to wait to stop it until I was past the crowd) with a pace of 16:43/M so I dunno lol

I really didn't run much. I did "sprint" at times and honestly once I got going I felt pretty good. According to fitbit my last mile was on track for a pace of 16:01/M.

The weather was down right cold! It was in the 20s at the start but the sun was shinging and it made for a beautiful day. At the half way point I ditched my gloves and headband. I was plenty warm Thank you everyone for the words of encouragement! This race was just what I needed to motivate me to keep working on this. I'll be scanning the websites for more races to sign up for this year. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

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